A/B Testing for Developers

Quickly run powerful split tests with JavaScript.

  • Impoves UX without guesswork. Easy to implement right inside your application's source code.
  • Optimizes your conversion funnels, increasing revenue and engagement.

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How Engauge Works

Engauge lets you optimize your web app for converion rate and user enjoyment. Improving these metrics is critical to getting the most value from your users, while giving them the most in return.

Setup and run experiments right inside your app. Deploy and get notified when the results are in. Engauge is designed to get out of your way so you can experiment the way you want, and focus on the next iteration.

Our algorithms are highly optimized for web traffic patterns and predict which variation of your app will have better performance in the future, in much less time than traditional testing methods.

1 Install

Install our tracking snippet, and whitelist the domain you want to track in the dashboard.

2 Send data

Build a test with our simple API. We segment your users, display tests and track conversions.

3 Monitor progress

Data is analyzed in real time in the dashboard. We notify you as soon as a result is reached.

4 Rinse & repeat

All done. Now get back out there and see if you can improve more!

Our algorithms require up to 50,000 fewer samples than fixed sample-size methods

so you get results incredibly fast— even with low traffic