Engauge is an A/B testing platform designed to let developers run experiments quickly, even with low traffic. It is based on open source software, and the tracking snippet is open source as well.

We use sequential hypothesis testing which allows for tests to be run with very few samples, and without the need for a baseline conversion rate to be plugged in to the experiment. This means you can get started today, even if you haven't been measuring the conversion rate of the component you're optimizing before.

To read more about the underlying algorithm, see the reference for the awesome, open source library we use, SeGliR.

We have a very small API, and everything you need to know should be here.


  • AWS for most of our infrastructure
  • Redis, with HyperLogLog for counting experiment conversions
  • Firebase for storing user account and displaying experiment data to our users
  • React for our webapp
  • JavaScript for our client-side tracking snippet

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@engaugeab.com or on twittter @engaugeab.